Archive | August, 2006

An Ode to Male Cover Models

31 Aug

Oh! Vapid pretty boy with bland good looks Are you doing this so you can pay rent Modeling for covers of romance books Maybe you should really fire your agent Perhaps you wanted to be a doctor Or an astronaut who’ll travel to Mars Or maybe instead a famous actor But now you only appear […]

Stop Looking at Me, You Creepy Freak!

31 Aug

Oh, man, this cover is messed up. Look at that damn baby and tell me it doesn’t look like one of those creatures from Galaxy Quest that are all cute at first, but turn out to be these nasty little things with fangs! Is that even a real baby? Aw, shit, you guys, it won’t […]

What Every Boy Wants…

30 Aug

He hoped, he prayed, he begged his parents, and then one day, FINALLY, it came! The Real Doll he had asked for for his 35th birthday! Oh, happy days! Only something must have gone wrong in production because she seems to be missing her nipples. I guess the ribbon could be covering them, but wouldn’t […]

Retire with Dignity, Dude!

29 Aug

Here’s a guy who’s definitely no longer a spring chicken. How many covers has this guy posed for? I swear, he’s like the go-to guy for Silhouette Desire covers. Does anybody know this guy’s name? Every time somebody needs a “rugged, masculine” guy who can wear a toolbelt and not look like a Village People […]

Somebody needs a Bra and it’s Not Her!

28 Aug

Hmm… this is a sweet little cover. Could have been the cover for an inspirational chick lit book. You know, about the good girl daughter of a preacher who finally gets the man of her dreams because she… uh… I don’t know, prayed to Jesus every morning or something. Of course an inspirational romance wouldn’t […]