Archive | October, 2006

Take Two by Evangeline Anderson

26 Oct

I’m a huge fan of erotic romance. I like my books chockfull of sex and violence, but I’m wacky like that. I have no problem if there were sex scenes on every other page nor do I care who’s actually having sex—girl/boy, boy/girl/boy, boy/boy—as long as they’re not just throw-away sex scenes and actually do […]

The Original Conehead Cowboy

25 Oct

First the Invalid Cowboy and now this. Hell, every single kind of cowboy needs love, alright? Especially Beldar. The first thing I noticed about this cover besides the pointiness of that there hat is how much this young man looks remarkably like Shane West, also known as Dr. Ray Barnett, for those of you who […]

Somebody Escaped the CW Zoo!

24 Oct

Man, look at these two genetically engineered freaks of nature. They’re both just so pretty, pretty, pretty. Put a wig on that dude and you’d have two chicks on this cover, for real. Homeboy looks like the bastard son of k.d. Lang and Prince or something. Yes, I had to make that joke because it […]

Monday Morning Piece of Ass

23 Oct

I do love Christian Bale. But only in movies. He always looks kind of fug outside of them (he just looks stinky). Sure, there is some hotness creeping in here and here and I’d still totally hit it, but he just looks like… some guy. Like that kind of hot, kind of creepy dude that […]

Can’t Turn a Ho into a Housewife

20 Oct

You know that old saying,”Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free”? As the title helpfully tells us, the dude in the ten gallon hat has already bagged the Amy Smart looking chick next to him, so why does he have to marry her? In the world of Harlequin, that’s simple. […]