Archive | December, 2006

Santa-licious Man-Titty for Mah Bitchez

20 Dec

Happy Holidays, Whooooorez. will be back next year for more snarky goodness and other junk that’s sure to give you mental STDs. Don’t drink and drive, use a condom, and don’t do anything I would do. While I’m gone, feel free to browse my archives and write me emails threatening to kill me if […]

What (Who) I Want for Christmas

20 Dec

Dear Santa: Please leave this man naked (oh and alive) with only a red bow tie around his neck underneath my Christmas tree. And please make sure you do it while Tim’s taking a nap or in the bathroom. Better yet, maybe you can just take me and Justin Hartley to another dimension where we […]

And Yet Another Book

20 Dec

…I’d kill any of you for. I am not even joking. I cannot even express what a huge fan I am of Joey W. Hill‘s exquisite, erotic, dark-as-hell, eloquent prose. I emailed her, like, last week and begged her for an ARC. I think I even promised her my left leg in exchange for one. […]

Because We Can’t Get Enough…

19 Dec

of Nekkid People! Check this out, kids! It’s bloody brilliant. By the way, don’t click it if you’re offended by pictures of regular-looking people in coitus. They’re ordinary folks, not Abercrombie models, so some of them are kind of fug. But that’s the beauty of it! Ugly people have sex too! Awesome. Seriously, kids, why […]

Hot Cover of the Week

18 Dec

Hot damn! Check out this cover, children. I know I haven’t featured a really hot cover in a while, but doesn’t this make up for everything? Five bucks say this cover was designed by April Martinez… (goes to LSB to check). Hah! I was right. Dude, I’ve been at this cover snarking for so long […]