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I’m a 13 Year Old Girl

31 Mar

I reveal to you… my new muse, Ben Jelen. My total BFF Annie Dean and I were just talking about the trouble I’ve been having smoothing out the sex scene for my WIP, Waking Kitty. My former muse, Eric Bana wasn’t working out anymore… he just wasn’t angsty enough and you guys, I watched Munich […]

Let’s Just Make Love!

29 Mar

There’s a kerfuffle at Karen Scott’s blog again (what else is new, biznatch? *grin*) about authors who feel personally attacked whenever they receive a bad review. Well, I’m not going to jump in and get involved in all of that. Me, I’m an author AND a reader with a lot of uppity opinions. It’s a […]

I’m Obsessed with Funny T-Shirts

29 Mar

I’m a grown-ass woman. In fact, I’m closer to 30 than I’m more comfortable with and my mother keeps telling me to dress like my age. Confession time: I don’t know how to dress my age. Shit, am I supposed to be shopping at Ann Taylor and stuff? It’d be one thing if I were […]

Seduction by Death by Anna J. Evans

29 Mar

[Review by the Sexy Bitch, Annie Dean]Grade: C- Imagine Laurell K. Hamilton drank a bunch of merlot and wrote a novella in one sitting. Well, if she ever had, you might wind up with something like Death by Seduction. The story starts out with a bang. I’m all into it. Two partners on a paranormal […]

Beauty by Robin Mckinley

28 Mar

Grade: A- Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite fairy tale. I just liked the idea of a beautiful, innocent young woman falling in love with a creature that is a little less than human and is more of an animal than anything. I even liked the Disney version with the dancing teacups […]