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Terran Realm Contest Winners

29 Jun

Hello, friends, it’s Friday and we have winners. If you’ll remember, the good folks at LSB’s Terran Realm threw a scavenger hunt and invited y’all to join. Thankfully, we received a great amount of entries and it was good times for everyone involved. Let me remind y’all of the prizes: First Prize: A Terran Realm […]

Ugh, I Hate You, Ben Jelen!

28 Jun

I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean it! I mean I love you! No, I hate you. Oh, you turn me into a slobbering mess that is barely recognizable as a woman! I hate you! No, I love you! *sobs* I want to have your babies! Your beautiful, too-sensitive, sissy babies. I hate you. Dumb […]

Terran Realm Presents Bonnie Dee

27 Jun

For more info about this world, please check out: What is Terran Realm? and the wonderful contest these ladies worked so hard on: The Terran Realm Scavenger Hunt. The Terran Realm is a rich tapestry of stalwart Protectors, nurturing Keepers, wise Talismans, evil Destroyers, and heroic humans. The TR world leaves a lot of room […]

Colleen’s Looking For Meghan

27 Jun

Have you seen Meghan? If y’all can help, please go on over to Ms. Gleason’s blog and let her know. A Meghan. Any Meghan. Especially one who has a birthday in the next…say…month or so. Especially a Meghan who has a birthday in the next month or so who likes vampire novels. Or, preferably, historical […]

Terran Realm Scavenger Hunt

26 Jun

The contest is now over. Thanks for playing, guys! What the heck is Terran Realm? We of the Terran Realm have created a scavenger hunt to bring you more into our world. Of course, since you are Bam’s wonderful readers, there are prizes – – three of them: First Prize: A Terran Realm t-shirt in […]