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Hip-Hip-Hooray for Me!

25 Aug

So my totally awesome editor Sasha Knight just emailed me and told me Skin to Skin cracked the top ten best-seller list at Mbam! *happy dance* Hooray, I’m not an utter failure as a writer! Take that, vapid-blond-girl who called me “pizza face” in high school! Take that, guidance counselor who told me “oh, honey, […]

It’s Saturday and We Have Winners

25 Aug

I was supposed to post the winners of my pimpin’-contest and Lili‘s contest yesterday, but I sat down to watch an episode of Freaks and Geeks and ended up watching the whole thing (all 18 episodes… awesome show). I know, I know… I’m a lazy bum. And then my sister’s boyfriend Brian got me a […]

Lilith Saintcrow on the Ideal Man

22 Aug

Lili Saintcrow (who scares the crap out of me, but I love her anyway) was born in New Mexico and shipped halfway around the world to Britain at a young age, where she imbibed some odd notions about tea, grammar, and manners–not necessarily in that order. She is the author of a few urban fantasy […]

The One Where I Babble About Superman

21 Aug

…it’s not really not about Superman. Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a planet called Krypton. Its inhabitants—a peace-loving community of scientists, intellectuals, philosophers living in a socialist utopia—were called Kryptonians. One of the scientists, a vastly intelligent man called Jor-El discovered that their sun—a red one—is about to […]

Have you read it?

20 Aug

Just thought I’d throw one more Skin to Skin-related contest your way before I start bugging you guys about Boundless (release date: September 3 from Liquid Silver Books). *grin* Here’s what I want you to do: Blog about Skin to Skin– if you’ve read it, great! It can be a review (you liked it? you […]