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What Should Have Happened

30 Oct

… between Butch and Vishous. And a huge thanks to the ever-so-gorgeous [so very very gorgeous that the sight of him makes my knees all melty and my palms sweaty and girly parts a-quiverin’, thus releasing a bonding scent that smells oddly like freshly baked cinnamon rolls and Summer’s Eve ] Marc-Andre for sending me […]

And October’s Winner is…

29 Oct

Kelly McCrady, with this entry: “Cover me.” Gretel rose from her crouch. “I’m out.” John grabbed her hip and showed her the open .45. “Don’t you carry extra?” “One in each pocket. Where am I supposed to carry more, in my ass?” “You might like it.” She recalculated the distance to the next crate. “Stay […]

Show and Tell with Lyn Taylor

26 Oct

[Lyn Taylor designed the cover of Prime Suspect by KS Augustin, available at Total E-bound.] [click image for a larger version] A lonely being in a lonely galaxy…Heron Meed has two strikes against it. It is an hermaphrodite in a galaxy dominated by two-gendered beings. And it’s a convicted criminal. After six years of incarceration, […]

Deatri King-Bey Presents Romance Slam Jam

24 Oct

A Slice of Heaven Boy meets girl. Boy and girl go ga-ga over each other, but fight the attraction. Boy and girl give in to their feelings and fall madly in love. Something happens to break boy and girl up. Boy and girl reunite and live happily ever after… Oh so sweet. Oh so simple. […]

It’s Feeding Time!

24 Oct

This is for my homies. I always bust it out whenever people get a little touchy and start accusing people ugly things. Everyone’s a little bit racist Sometimes. Doesn’t mean we go Around committing hate crimes. Look around and you will find No one’s really color blind. Maybe it’s a fact We all should face […]