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Review: Manhandling by Karen Anders

30 Nov

Grade: D+ My TBR pile is not in fact one single pile but lots of little piles. Amongst others, I have an “immediate TBR” pile of books I’m dying to read, a “worthy TBR” pile of books I feel I should read and “suck-it-and-see TBR” pile of books I’ve picked up without knowing who the […]

Bettie Sharpe Presents Ember, Pt V

29 Nov

As promised, here is the 5th installment of Ember. If you haven’t already, please read: one, two, three, and four. But first, a blurb: Everyone loves Prince Charming. They have to—he’s cursed. Every man must respect him. Every woman must desire him. One look, and all is lost. Ember would rather carve out a piece […]

Do You Want to Read All of Ember?

28 Nov

People seem to like Ember. Some of those people have even said they would pay cash-money for the chance to read it in one sitting. If you are one of them, here’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is. Specifically, Bettie is actioning off 1 (one) full, prettified PDF copy of Ember […]

I Can’t Breathe…

27 Nov

First I had my heart crushed by this. But now I’m feeling flabbergasted, ecstatic, and dare I say— aroused? From Crave Online: Current Caped Crusader Christian Bale has been cast in the upcoming Terminator: Salvation (aka Terminator 4) for Warner Bros. Pictures, according to numerous reports. The film is intended to be the first installment […]

Review: Scandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss by Deb Marlowe

26 Nov

Grade: C- Although historical romance is my thing, this is the first Mills & Boon historical I’ve read. I’ve not consciously avoided them. It’s just that when I’m in a bookshop or on Amazon, there’s always something else I want. Plus my supermarket only stocks contemporary categories so while I’ll pick up the odd Mills […]