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I Still Love You, Stumpy!

20 Feb

Awww, lookeee the widdle baby. He looks so tiny, lying down like that. I want to pick him up and cradle him against my bosom. Aww, my little bow-legged man… you break my heart when you play dead like that. Here’s a pic of the yummy bite-sized blond looking studly. [Images totally ganked from]

A Time-out with Joey W. Hill

19 Feb

When I was younger, a friend and I spent hours developing romance stories and role-playing them. In fact, some of my earlier plot lines came from these. It was an all-encompassing pastime. We’d both started out as avid romance readers, going from 3-4 Harlequin titles per week to Victoria Holt, Kathleen Woodiwiss, Laura Kinsale, etc. […]

Save Room for Your What?

19 Feb

A friend of mine is convinced that John Legend’s song, Save Room For My Love, is about anal sex. I told him that’s totally redic. But I was looking at the lyrics this morning and thought, “Huh. Maybe.” What do you guys think? The suspect lyrics is in bold. Say that you’ll stay a little […]

Fun With My Boyfriend

18 Feb

My boyfriend is awesome. He’s gorgeous, considerate, understands my obsession with chocolate, and most of all, he’s funny. Here are a few examples of the conversations we have. On my debilitating writer’s block Hot French Canadian Boyfriend: Cherie, did you hear? The Writer’s Strike is over. You can go back to writing now. [Palm to […]

Free Lucius… For Free!

15 Feb

(Yeah, see what I did there?) Hey kids, hop on over to the Erotic Muses blog and check out Bonnie Dee’s serialization of a novella, Liberating Lucius, which I believe was previously published by the now defunct Venus Press. Here’s the information: Today I’m going to begin serial installments of a novella. Liberating Lucius was […]