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Sibling Rivalry… From Hell!

28 Mar

Hmm… there are two possible plots for this book: 1) a rich man needs a nanny for his children and asks the pure, innocent, and childless sister of his Bitch!Skank!Whore! dead wife to help him out… and falls in love with her 2) a single mother working as a waitress in a restaurant meets a […]

Guilty Pleasure #2

28 Mar

Oh man, I am so going to lose my hipster cred for this. There are certain things I like ironically: Mannequin 2: On the Move, the song “We don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off” by Jermaine Stewart, American Idol, talking like I was raised in the projects even though I grew up in what […]

Lorelie Brown’s Tarnished Angel, Pt 3

27 Mar

Lorelie Brown is a frequent commenter here at It’s Not Chick Porn and a good friend to our blog. In fact, you might remember her from her awesome entries into those writing contests I used to throw (and I will again, I promise, once I find the time… and the dough). When I asked her […]

Guilty Pleasure #1

27 Mar

This day started out just like any other day: I woke up early in the morning, fulfilled my daily 1000-word quota, then headed for the lake by my house for a jog. I was sitting in my car, enjoying the rush of endorphins coursing through my body courtesy of the so-called runner’s high, when it […]

Introducing: Author Melissa Lopez

26 Mar

Behind the creation of Netherworld I’m celebrating the recent release of my first novel titled Dark Sentinel a paranormal romance. And the launch of my series site Netherworld, the back drop for Dark Sentinel. While Netherworld offers a new romance with every installment it’s a dark, foreboding world. I mixed a little horror and urban […]