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Review: Dark Needs At a Night’s Edge

30 Apr

Hello, beeeeetches. It is I, Ai! Grabe… your new fabulous reviewer, with my fabulous debut review of the only book I’ve been able to finish for the past few months. You see, I’ve been having this terrible problem. I love to read. I’ve been reading since I was… I don’t know, a fetus… and the […]

How I Became a Contest Whore

28 Apr

By Jenna Petersen Before an aspiring author is published, one of the things they can do to get feedback and also get their work in front of an editor is to enter contests, which are held by local Romance Writers of America chapters across the country. To enter, the writer sends some amount of money […]

Lorelie Brown’s Tarnished Angel, pt. 7

24 Apr

Lorelie Brown is a frequent commenter here at It’s Not Chick Porn and a good friend to our blog. In fact, you might remember her from her awesome entries into those writing contests I used to throw (and I will again, I promise, once I find the time… and the dough). When I asked her […]

The Celebration of the Female

22 Apr

There are two very interesting discussions about romance heroines on my two favorite blogs today. On Karen Scott‘s: One thing I’ve noticed is that whenever there’s a question of distance between the hero and heroine, it’s always the gal who has to give up her apartment, and her job. What annoys me is that it […]

Who’s Your Fav Rom Hero?

21 Apr

It’s Monday morning, you’re a little hung-over, your boss is yelling at you, the coffee tastes like piss again, you have to skip lunch so you can drive your kid to the doctor’s office… whatever, Mondays suck. So maybe we can hang out here and talk about my favorite topic… Romance Novel Heroes. What makes […]