Jamie Craig’s Forsaken, Part Six

This entirely original, exclusive free-to-you story features hot-man-love, explicit sex, explicit language, explicit violence, and… explicit fabulousness! If you’re NOT an m/m fan, check it out anyway… you might enjoy it.

Please read chapters one, two, three, four, and five if you haven’t already.

Presenting Forsaken by Jamie Craig…

Five years since Detective Xavier Landis walked away from the man who loved him.

Four weeks looking for the stalker nobody but he believed existed.

Three years of his life Detective Jeff Keyes wishes he could get back.

Two cops, both brilliant, both determined, trying to move on from a past neither can forget.

One dead girl.

And now…

Chapter Six

Xavier couldn’t even begin to untangle the mess of emotions winding around him as Jeff stepped into the shower. He knew shock was there. Arousal, because Jeff still had the most amazing body he had ever seen. And relief. Because the kiss they had shared in the car only served to remind him of everything he had thrown away when he left Jeff, and he wasn’t sure how he to live with that reminder.

As soon as Jeff pulled him against his body, Xavier knew he didn’t want to be anywhere else. He tilted his head, his tongue darting out to taste the water running down Jeff’s neck. “Good. Because I was worried you were really going to leave me here.”

“Well, you had a funny way of showing it.”

Jeff cupped the back of Xavier’s neck, just as he’d done in the car. Threading his fingers through the wet hair, he pulled Xavier away, forcing him to look up again. Jeff swept his hungry gaze over every feature, each passing second hardening the thick cock prodding at Xavier’s thighs. He licked his lips. His hands tightened. The flare of his nostrils nearly drove Xavier crazy.

“Maybe what you couldn’t find in those guys was me,” he rasped.

It was completely stupid and self-defeating to dump somebody like Jeff and then spend the next five years looking for him again, but Xavier knew that was exactly the path he took. The men he slept with all resembled Jeff, but those guys were never what he wanted.

“Yeah, but it didn’t stop me from looking. I never thought you’d want to see me again.”

“I didn’t want you to go in the first place.”

“I know.” He licked the water off his lips. “I’m an idiot.” He palmed the back of Jeff’s head and brushed his lips across Jeff’s.

“My idiot,” Jeff growled.

He slammed their mouths together, taking what he’d only hinted at earlier. His hot tongue thrust inside, sweeping into corners only he knew, demanding Xavier respond though the thought never even occurred to him after the first rush of contact. He kneaded Xavier’s ass, hard and sure, but his fingers didn’t stray, never stretching to stroke where he wanted Jeff most.

In the car, he had been distracted by thoughts of what they had discovered, of being seen, of his own misery. But now he couldn’t think of anything except Jeff’s mouth. Xavier closed his eyes and turned himself over to the kiss, his hands moving up and down Jeff’s spine. He was scared if he broke away, even for a second, he’d be plagued by the demons that chased him from Jeff before. But as long as Jeff kissed him, held him, as long as they touched, he remembered where he belonged. Who he belonged to.

It felt like being welcomed home after a long absence.

Jeff dragged his mouth along Xavier’s jaw and down his neck, his stubble scraping a path outside it. Shivers wracked down his spine, and Xavier gasped when Jeff clamped his lips over the pulse point, sucking so hard he felt it all the way to his balls. The tip of his tongue danced over the sensitized skin. He didn’t pull away. He continued the dual assault, soft and deliberate, until Xavier choked on his moans.

Xavier’s hands moved over Jeff’s shoulders and down his chest. His stomach twitched beneath Xavier’s fingers, a sign of how sensitive Jeff was to his touch. It had always been that way, from the very first night they spent together. Nobody had ever been this responsive to him, before or since Jeff. He drew his fingers lower, letting the tips brush against the base of Jeff’s erection.

Jeff broke away with a gasp. The eyes he turned to Xavier were black with desire.

“I never thought I’d get this chance again.”

“Me neither. Did you…did you ever think about calling me?”

“All the time.” Jeff grazed his fingertips over Xavier’s brow, pushing back the wet strands of hair. “I actually went by that crappy apartment you rented after you left once. About three months after.” His lashes lowered as he dropped his gaze and fingers to Xavier’s mouth. “You were just getting home with a blonde. The one with the pierced nose. I turned around and never tried again.”

Britt. Of all his flings, she had been the most physical. Purely rebound. They hadn’t had anything in common, except Xavier’s desire to try to forget everything through lots of sex. He would have liked to assure Jeff that if he had knocked on the door, Xavier would have invited him in to his home and his life. But he had been too raw at the time to even look at Jeff.

“I thought about calling you a few times,” Xavier admitted. “But I didn’t think I could really offer you what you needed.”

Jeff bowed his head and kissed him again, a slow, burning caress shattering any last reservations he had. “You were wrong. You’re all I ever needed.”

Xavier knew it wouldn’t do any good to try to explain. It didn’t matter. If just spending a single day with Jeff was enough to remind him of what he had been missing from his life, then clearly, he had been wrong to leave, and wrong to be afraid.

“Show me,” Xavier murmured.

The request was the only impetus Jeff needed to press Xavier’s back against the wall. His hands pinned Xavier’s shoulders to the cold tile, but he didn’t feel the chill. The heat of Jeff’s gaze was enough to fire him through.

He began by licking a wet trail along Xavier’s collarbone, from one side to the other then back again. Instinct made him want to throw his head back and squeeze his eyes shut, but Xavier didn’t want to look away, couldn’t look away really. The strong line of Jeff’s cheek riveted him as he moved lower. That only lasted until Jeff flicked his tongue over a sensitive nipple.

“Oh.” His eyes screwed shut, and Jeff licked his skin again and again, until his nipple tightened into a hard point. Jeff pulled it between his teeth, biting gently, then soothing the tender mark. He moaned in encouragement, the moans coming faster with each motion of Jeff’s tongue. “God, Jeff.”

Jeff switched his attention to Xavier’s other nipple, teasing it to the same hard point. Electricity ran up and down Xavier’s veins. He forced his eyes open, staring down at Jeff’s mouth, and Jeff’s hand on his body.

When Jeff looked up at him through his lashes, a devilish smirk curved his mouth. “If I do this to your stomach, are you going to break down in a fit because it tickles?”

Xavier stiffened. “Don’t tickle me. I’ll slip and fall, then you’ll have to explain my broken bones.”

“So…would you rather I go straight to this, then?”

He dropped to his knees. Grasping Xavier at the root, he tilted his cock away from his body and sucked the head hard past his lips.

His knees buckled, and he put a steadying hand on Jeff’s shoulder. The world blurred around him, and it wasn’t just the water running down his brow and into his eyes. He expected Jeff to slide his lips further along his shaft, but he lingered on the sensitive head. His lips were a firm seal around the tip, and his tongue was relentless, dragging over the leaking slit.

Fingers dug into his hip. Beads of water collected in Jeff’s lashes, and his moans filled the shower. That, more than anything, surprised Xavier. Jeff could have almost any guy he wanted – a fact that had never escaped Xavier’s notice when they’d been together – and yet, he never failed to make Xavier feel like he was the only man in the room, like he was the only one who knew how to satisfy him.

By the time Jeff started to slide down the shaft, more than his knees trembled. He gripped even more tightly, but it did little to keep him from swaying. He compensated by forcing the momentum forward, and Jeff grunted in approval when more of his cock slid into Jeff’s throat.

Jeff’s lips finally closed around his shaft, and the tight muscles of his throat flexed around the crown. Xavier interlocked his fingers behind Jeff’s head, holding him without too much pressure. Jeff never minded when he took control of the speed, but Xavier had no desire to be in control at the moment. He just wanted to hold on and let pleasure move through him. He wanted to savor the heat, the pressure, the texture of Jeff’s mouth.

Jeff moved up, down, up again, always taking him into his throat, always sliding all the way to the tip to dip his tongue into the slit. He treated Xavier’s cock like a treasure to be savored, exploring every available inch until Xavier throbbed from the attention. When he let go of the base, he dragged his fingertips through the coarse hair until he could stroke Xavier’s heavy balls, massaging them gently without breaking his rhythm.

For a moment, for a brief, perfect minute, Xavier forgot about everything that wasn’t Jeff. There was nothing in the world, except the two of them in the dark, steamy shower, and Jeff’s tight mouth. The pressure on his balls increased, Jeff’s fingers tightening with each stroke. He pushed his hips forward, moving faster, heightening the friction until he thought he would combust from the inside out.

“God…Jeff…missed you.”

He barely finished the last syllable before his cock jerked against the roof of Jeff’s mouth. He cried out, the yelp echoing off the tile walls as he filled Jeff’s throat with his come. Jeff swallowed, and each time he did, his mouth closed around the tender crown of Xavier’s cock, pulling another shout from him.

Jeff didn’t move until long after Xavier stopped shooting, and even then he merely slid up the shaft to clean the sensitive skin. Xavier gasped at the broad licks, and though it was almost too much to bear, he refrained from pulling away. He needed those extra moments, the satisfied sounds Jeff couldn’t contain, the firm massage of his hands on Xavier’s hips. By the time Jeff finally let him go, he was nearly completely soft again, and he sagged against the wall as Jeff stood up.

Jeff brushed his thumb over Xavier’s lip before leaning in to kiss him. The taste clung to his mouth, but the exploration was sweeter than before, languid and lingering. Both of them were breathless when he ultimately stopped.

“I want this to work,” Jeff whispered, resting his brow against Xavier’s. “Tell me what it is I have to do to make that happen, X.”

Xavier didn’t know if he was prepared to answer Jeff’s question. In a way, this had all happened too fast. Even if it had taken five years to get back to this point.

“I didn’t leave because of anything you did. I thought…I thought I could make myself be…normal. If I just found the right woman.” Xavier paused. “I already found the right man.”

Slowly, Jeff lifted his head. His eyes were inscrutable. “So do you think I’m abnormal because I never wanted a woman at all?”

“What? No. You know that’s not what I meant.”

“It’s not good enough for you, though. You ran away from what we had.” Jeff stepped back. It was only a few inches, but it was enough to make Xavier painfully aware of the distance. “It’s okay for me to be gay, but not you. Except now, you’re considering settling.”

“I’m not gay. I wish I were gay. And I never said anything about settling.” Xavier ran his hand over his face, then reached for the faucet to kill the shower. “Why do you think I’m settling? I’ve been trying to tell you all night I’m not the same person I was.”

“I know.” The slight break in Jeff’s voice took him by surprise. So did the longing still dark in his eyes. “But be honest with me. If I hadn’t shown up at your desk this morning, would you have even thought about looking me up? Or would you have kept on trying to find this right woman you thought was out there?”

“How could I call you? I lied to you. I told you I never loved you. I left you begging me not to go. Every single time I thought about you, I remembered that…that hurt in your eyes. Why would I think you’d want me to come back? That you’d let me come back? I thought I burned all the bridges between us.”

“But you said you were only looking at relationships with women. Have you changed your mind then?”

“I changed my mind as soon as you changed yours.”

The walls Jeff had been trying to hide behind shattered in his eyes. His breath caught, but as he reached out to touch Xavier, a cell phone rang from the other room.

Jeff’s head snapped to the side, his body back on the alert. “That’s mine.”

Xavier reached around him to pull the curtain open. “Go get it.”

Jeff nodded and stepped over the bathtub wall. Xavier followed, grabbing the towels Jeff bypassed as he hurried to the phone. He wrapped one around his hips, then draped the other over Jeff’s shoulders as Jeff brought the cell to his ear.

“What do you have, Andrea?” He fell silent as he listened, but all Xavier heard was the low murmur of a woman’s voice. “Shit. Are you kidding me? Hell, yes, I’ll check it out.” He glanced over his shoulder, catching Xavier’s eye. “Landis will be with me. I’ll let you know what we find.”

Xavier reached for his duffle bag and began pulling out clean clothes. “What are we checking out?”

Rubbing his shoulders down with the towel, Jeff said, “Someone spotted a man fitting Ruhl’s description down at the park. It looks like he returned to the scene.” He grinned, one of the rare, brilliant smiles he offered when he was at his most relaxed. “Looks like we’re getting our break, after all.”

Stay tune next week for Chapter Seven… oh and something Xavier said reminded me of this video.


Jamie Craig is the penname used for the collaborative efforts of Pepper Espinoza and Vivien Dean. Both successful authors on their own, they began working together in early 2006. Pepper lives with her husband and cats in Utah, where she attends graduate school, and Vivien resides in northern California with her husband and two children.

This an original story given generously to us by Jamie Craig. DO NOT post any part of this story on your site without attribution to Jamie Craig or a holla-back at her site. That’s not cool. Always give credit where credit is due, yo.

Note: Hey, other writer-types, do you want to contribute to The Serial? If so, holla at yo gurl and I’ll hook you up, yo.

Till, then… Love, peace, and snarkage, my babies. Peace!

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