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I’ll Be Back…

14 Jun

Update: my hard drive has DIED forever and I’m in the middle of getting things back the way they were. Hell of a thing to have to deal with on a vay-cay. *sigh*

The HEA – Myth and Reality

13 Jun

by Darlene Marshall I’ve been thinking a lot lately about HEA, romance shorthand for “Happily Ever After” endings on romance novels. Two events in particular focused my thoughts in this direction: One is a divorce, the other is the wedding of a young couple. First the sad story. A couple we know is getting divorced […]

Jamie Craig’s Forsaken, Part Eight

12 Jun


This entirely original, exclusive free-to-you story features hot-man-love, explicit sex, explicit language, explicit violence, and… explicit fabulousness! If you’re NOT an m/m fan, check it out anyway… you might enjoy it. Please read chapters one, two, three, four, five, six, and eight if you haven’t already. Presenting Forsaken by Jamie Craig… Five years since Detective […]

Review: Dark Desires After Dusk

11 Jun

It’s another review! Bam, If you’re going to faint, make sure to set up the video camera so I can watch it later on YouTube. Ready for this? I’m actually reviewing another book, and in a semi-timely fashion. I’m sure you’re wondering how this could be possible, so I’ll tell you a dirty little secret: […]

The Fist Bump

10 Jun

Fox News calls it a Terrorist Fist Jab. Craziest thing I’ve ever heard. My sisters and I fist-bump. My friends and I fist-bump. Hell, my mom and I have fist-bumped. Hot French-Canadian Boyfriend and I do it all the time: after playing tennis, after one of us says something particularly clever and wants to give […]