Jill Sorenson Reveals the REAL California

You’ve got your ball
You’ve got your chain
Tied to me tight, tie me up again
Who’s got their claws
In you my friend
Into your heart I’ll beat again…

My family moved from a small town in Kansas to Oceanside, California when I was twelve. It wasn’t what I’d expected—palm trees and white sand beaches. My neighborhood, ten miles inland, was more of a concrete jungle with gangs and graffiti. I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten over the culture shock. California is a strange place, full of contrasts. The line between fantasy and reality has always fascinated me.

DANGEROUS TO TOUCH, my first book, is set in Oceanside. I really enjoyed incorporating some local flavor, and I didn’t hesitate to include details about the seedier aspects of the city. In June, when the book was released, I did a photo tour on my web site, sharing pictures of the lovely beaches I still frequent, and the not-so-lovely toll bridge in my old neighborhood.

My current release, CRASH INTO ME, is set in La Jolla, California. This coastal community is like the Malibu of San Diego [Bam: Ah, yep]. Multimillion dollar homes and breathtaking beachfront properties. Big money. My hero, a world class pro surfer (and murder suspect), was born here, in the lap of luxury.

Starting January 27th, the release day for CRASH INTO ME, I’ll be posting photos of La Jolla on my web site. If you’re in the mood for some surf, sand, and sunshine, please stop by. And be sure to leave a comment below for a chance to win a copy of CRASH INTO ME.

In romance, do you want pure fantasy, or do you appreciate a touch of reality? Do you like stories that are dark and edgy, or sunny and light? What about settings? In the dead of winter, are you in the mood for a beach read, or would you rather get “snowed in”?

[Bam: Thanks for getting Dave Matthews stuck in my head, Jill!]

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Bam has been reading romance novels since she was 9 years old. She especially enjoyed the Sweet Valley High series, particularly the romance-centric ones. Her first real romance novel was "Perfect Partners" by Jayne Ann Krentz. She's obsessed with old-school Harlequin Romance novels and reads four or five a week.

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12 Responses

  1. i was reading the myspace, and folllowed you here. i actaully like all of those, i like fantasy, i like paranormal, i like dark sense of humor, i like beach read. i like to change around, so i wont get bored with one genre or type so i skip around

  2. Eimy says:

    Crash into Me sounds great. Sexy cover!

    In romance I read a little bit of everything, both reality and pure fantasy. As long as it’s dark and edgy.

  3. Oh, comments! Goodie.

    “Thanks for getting Dave Matthews stuck in my head, Jill!”

    No problem, Bam! ; )


    Thanks for coming from MySpace!


    I like dark and edgy as well. My settings are sunny but the stories aren’t.

    By the way, this book is romantic suspense, just in case anyone’s wondering. The only fantasy element is romantic, as in falling in love with a rich, handsome surfer! : )

  4. kh says:

    cognrats on the book. love the cover. i can read both.

  5. catie says:

    I prefer a dark edge to any story, even those totally grounded in the modern or historical worlds minus paranormal/sf elements, and/or those with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments (a la Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum or Toni McGee Causey’s Bobbie Faye).

    The most ironic thing about my reading habits? In winter I thrive on stories set in the smoldering, musty, stick-to-the-skin heat and during the warmer months, nothing pleases me more than immersing myself in novels set in frigid winter wonderlands. My family and I stopped trying to understand odd personality quirks like this *years* ago. :)

    Congratulations on the upcoming release of CRASH INTO ME!

  6. Fedora says:

    Hi, Jill! I have to say that it depends on my mood–sometimes I like the fluff but other times I prefer things a bit more grounded in real life. (Not too much, of course–give me my HEA!) I guess I like to mix it up–I love that my TBR is so big that I can find just about anything 😉 And I’m constantly adding to it, so I doubt I’ll run out of choices 😉 Congrats on Crash Into Me!

  7. Thanks, kh.

    catie, I hope there are other readers who want to warm up in winter! Sometimes I like a chilly story when it’s hot outside, too.

    Hi Fedora! Yes, gotta have my HEA. : )

  8. kevin says:

    Still reading Dangerous and truly enjoying it. Will definitely get Crash. Thanks for the words that help pass the time with ease. Peace love light joy.

  9. Deidre says:

    I want pure fantasy. Not to say that reality can be nice every now and again, but I want to truly get lost and caught up in my reading and in order to do that, I require something paranormal, out of this world, that would never happen in a million years. I figure, if I’m gonna dream, dream big, right? LOL
    Dark and edgy is totally what I’m about. I haven’t had a sunny existence, life is not like that, so just go ahead and snow me in.


  10. Nice to see you again, kevin. Glad you’re enjoying Dangerous to Touch. : )

    Hi Deidre. Hmmm. Not sure if CRASH is for you. There’s some gritty realism in there. But you might like it!

  11. And the winner is…Eimy! Please contact me at my web site with your mailing info.

    Thanks to everyone for commenting! And thanks for having me, Bam. : )

  12. Alesia says:

    What ever happened to chasing daisy?