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Discovered a new blog (new to me, that is) called Horror Movie a Day, where I spent three hours clicking through the archives and reading everything on the site. The dude is funny as hell. Here’s a sample of some snarkage I encountered in a review for a Korean horror film called, The Wig:

The last thing I expect from a movie called The Wig (Korean: Gabal), which is about a haunted wig, is that it would be kind of sad. And not sad in a “Someone put money up for a movie about a haunted wig” way; sad in a “Wow I actually kind of feel bad for just about everyone in this movie” way. I also wasn’t really expecting it to be any good.

How awesome is it to be able to watch a Horror Movie a Day? I mean, I’ve got enough to be able to do it, but to have the time to review ’em? Uh-uh. So props to you, dude! The site’s got some cool recs, too. Time to reactive the ol’ Netflix…

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Bam has been reading romance novels since she was 9 years old. She especially enjoyed the Sweet Valley High series, particularly the romance-centric ones. Her first real romance novel was "Perfect Partners" by Jayne Ann Krentz. She's obsessed with old-school Harlequin Romance novels and reads four or five a week.

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4 Responses

  1. deeemer says:

    Came back from vacation to see all these gorgeous entries! Didn’t realize how much I missed posts on this site. Keep it up! You’re hysterical!

  2. Kate Diamond says:

    This blog sounds highly amusing. Unfortunately, I can’t do horror… I’m that girl. The one who used to get scared by the X-Files theme music.

  3. Sarah says:

    Wish I had netflix. :( Living here in the land time forgot for goodness sake!

  4. Lizzie (greeneyed fem) says:

    I realize this may not be the appropriate thread, but I can’t wait any longer!

    Ahem . . . I feel that I’ve been very good about respecting the fact that you’ve been in school and have a life and the world doesn’t revolve around me and all that, blahblahblah. But fertheloveofmike . . . are we going to get a Daisy update at some point??

    I still hope I’ll see a new chapter every time I click over here. I’m hooked but good! It’s your own fault for writing such a yummy story and then leaving us hanging. :)

    *small voice* Any news on the Daisy front?