I Heart Richard Lawson

Richard Lawson writes the American Idol recaps for Gawker and he does this bit with Ryan Seacrest having an affair with last season’s hot boy Tim (the one with the abs and not a very good singing voice, but was really hot). Such brilliant writing. So poignant… and… I don’t know, oddly enough… heartbreaking.

Ryan’s cowboy boyfriend from preliminary auditions was executed, which made Timmy sigh with relief as he watched the show last night, wrapped in a fur shawl and nothing else, drinking gin and lemon juice. (Ryan worries about his increased drinking, but figures it’s just nerves, just the painful fraughtness of being in love.)

Don’t you? Don’t you feel it?” Ryan says as he strokes Tim’s hair, Tim who is looking away, lost in a fog of booze and tiredness, Tim who hasn’t left the house in days. “Don’t you feel that I love you?” Tim laughs, a sort of froggy throaty chuckle that’s new for him, it seems old and weary in a way that Tim shouldn’t seem old and weary. “I don’t know. The cowboy’s gone, I guess. That helps. Who knows.” He wanders out to the balcony and stares off into the valley. Ryan looks at him, silhouetted in the doorway, and he wonders. He wonders how something can suddenly be going so wrong when everything else is going so right. It’s just the pain and weight of years, he guesses. Just that. Just that he’s starting something new and here Tim is, just frozen in time. Ryan sees the orange flicker and glow of Tim lighting a cigarette, another new habit, one that Ryan actually likes a bit, makes Tim seem a little more… French, but still one that worries him. But oh well. He’s tired. And there’s always tomorrow. Tomorrow, he thinks. Tomorrow belongs to them.

He’s just a brilliant writer, that’s all.

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4 Responses

  1. lizzie (greeneyedfem) says:

    Hi Dionne,

    Can I ask for an update on “Chasing Daisy”? I notice it’s been taken off your blog. Are you putting it aside for now, or is it going to be published somewhere? I only ask because I was enjoying it so, so much and I’d love the chance to read the whole thing — or even just re-read the first part! And I’d totally pay for it, too. :)

    That’s all. I hope you’re well and this question isn’t too annoying/intrusive. Thanks!

  2. Bam says:

    Hi Lizzie,

    It’s always awesome to hear when people want to read my stuff, especially “Chasing Daisy,” which has been a lot of fun for me to write. Finishing it right now so I can submit it to a pub who’ll hopefully buy it. :)


  3. lizzie (greeneyedfem) says:

    Yay!! Tell them they’ve already got one buying customer. :)

    Thanks for the update!

  4. Becca says:

    Make that two paying customers! I have my fingers crossed!