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How NOT to Respond to a Resignation

2 Jun

I resigned my week-old job today with this email: Please accept this letter as a notice of my resignation effective immediately. I don’t feel I am the right fit for the company and each day, I find myself wracked with anxiety and uncertainty as I go about my duties. I don’t think I will be […]

WTF was That?!?

23 Jan

I just had a trippy dream. I have never had one like it before. My dreams are usually something I can understand, like fantasy dreams. Last night, I had a dream Chris Pine and I were sitting at this cafe in Venice Beach sharing an ice cream cone. It was strawberry cheesecake. When I woke […]

This Morning, I scared the crap out of the cat as well as myself…

6 Apr

I thought I had an honest-to-FSM ghost story to share with you guys today, but as Marc explained to me quite rationally and patiently, it wasn’t. So there I was, lying in bed, enjoying the warmth of my blankets and the smell of my hot lover man’s shampoo on the pillows, and feeling pretty damn […]

I’m a Jerk…

5 Aug

To the four or five of you who have been enjoying the adventures of Daisy and Christian, I must apologize in advance *ducks* that I will not be able to give you Chapter Seven this week. *double-ducks* Please understand that there is a very, very good reason. REALLY, REALLY GOOD. Shuzluva, commence screaming. The Other […]

I’ll Be Back…

14 Jun

Update: my hard drive has DIED forever and I’m in the middle of getting things back the way they were. Hell of a thing to have to deal with on a vay-cay. *sigh* Mockingjay (Hunger Games Trilogy, Book 3) Suzanne Collins (Author) 1674 days in the top 100 (18922) Download: $6.99 by Amazon Auto Links