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Guest Author: Zoe Winters and Indie Publishing

8 Feb

I Don’t Want Your Poopie Ice Cream Anyway! Dionne asked me to talk about being an indie author. I’m pretty much off the indie rah rah train for the most part, except when someone specifically asks me to talk about it, then I can be persuaded. There was a time when I had the plan […]

Anna Katherine on Inspiration

15 May

Woo-hoo, free autographed copy for one random commenter. Go for it! Inspiration is a tricksy thing. There are many authors out there who will say that it is a glorious god come from on high, or maybe a muse who drifts down on occasion and drops off morsels of characterization for the poor frazzled author […]

Shiloh Walker’s Chains of Luuuurve Contest

27 Apr

Want to win $100 in free books? To help promote her upcoming release, CHAINS, author Shiloh Walker is doing a dash through some of the blogs in romanceland, leaving behind excerpts. If you’d like to get entered to win a gift certificate for $100 (your choice from the online booksellers), all you have to do […]

Guest Author: Dee Tenorio

30 Jan

The Town Where You Live I like to think of myself as having had two childhoods. My first, where I was born, was in Fresno, CA, the “dodgy end” to put a polite spin on it. I laugh when people describe Fresno as “the sticks” or something like that. I was in the city proper, […]

Jill Sorenson Reveals the REAL California

21 Jan

You’ve got your ball You’ve got your chain Tied to me tight, tie me up again Who’s got their claws In you my friend Into your heart I’ll beat again… My family moved from a small town in Kansas to Oceanside, California when I was twelve. It wasn’t what I’d expected—palm trees and white sand […]