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a haiku

11 Jun

clawing on my sleeve the grasping fingers of the dead here come the zombies The The Hunger Games Trilogy Box Set: Paperback Classic Collection Suzanne Collins (Author) 29 days in the top 100 (8567) Buy new: $36.97 $22.18 68 used & new from $16.04 by Amazon Auto Links

Bam: A Self-Portrait

10 Dec

Medium: Kinko’s resume cardstock, magic markers Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7) J. K. Rowling (Author), Mary GrandPre (Illustrator) 729 days in the top 100 (2247) Buy new: $86.93 $50.27 87 used & new from $40.22 by Amazon Auto Links

Writing Sample #Whatever

4 Nov

Prompt: In two or three pages rewrite a story you like or a novel or movie in the competing voices of two interrelated characters, ala Oates. I live in a small cottage outside the woods with my papa and two sisters. Our mama left us for heaven sometime ago, but I like to think that […]

Waking Kitty: Deleted Scene

26 Sep

As you guys know, my novella Waking Kitty was recently released in the anthology, Boundless. You can read the first chapter here. When I first started writing it, it was going in a completely different direction, more fairytale-ish and dreamlike. Later on, I decided to scrap it and go about it in a different way, […]

How I Got into Comic Books

29 Aug

When I was a child I was always running and jumping. Inside the house, outside, on the streets… my little legs always seemed to be on the move. I would run and jump until I couldn’t anymore. At night, I would pass out in my bed in exhaustion and wake up in the morning ready […]