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Is it Awesome… or Toooo Awesome?

31 Aug


I’m always finding ways to circumvent actually working out, while trying to attain rock-hard abs like whoa. The only exercise I’ve ever enjoyed that still make my abs and thighs work like a mother is hula. Like “Pearly shell… on the ocean…” and shit. But even that’s too much work. So then I found this: […]

Mitch’s Special Sauce

9 Aug


Hi, Mitch, here I am! Where’s that special yummy fudge you promised me? *sniffs* Hmm… it sure smells like heavenly chocolate… and oddly enough, chlorine… Whoa, there, buddy. You must have gotten dressed in a hurry because your pants are still unzipped. In fact… *looks away* Listen, Mitch, can you stuff Little Mitch back in […]