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Review: The Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

21 Dec


In high school, I had a crush on this guy named Micah* and he was totally into George R.R. Martin. Micah and the nerds at school were freaking out over this new book, A Game of Thrones and talked about nothing else and I, desperate for Micah’s attention, decided to read it. For the most […]

Review: Kindred by Octavia Butler

6 Sep


Kindred is one of those books one might hesitate to review because—for me, anyway, I’m thinking, “Shit, I’m not worthy.” This is Octavia Frickin’ Butler we’re talking about here. Octavia Butler was a goddess in the world of sci-fi. Not only was she a frickin’ genius and wrote heavy, issues-laden, but ultimately engrossing books, she […]

Review: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

13 Aug


Family reunions suck. Everyone knows that. You’re forced by your mother to hang out with people you’re barely related to and haven’t seen in years, eat bad food and drink flat soda, and then sometime before you leave, someone is bound to bring up something from your childhood that you’ve successfully managed to block out […]

Review: Fifty Shades Darker by E.L. James

24 Jul


Let’s start with a quote, shall we, from page 329: “I’m a sadist, Ana. I like to whip little brown-haired girls like you because you all look like the crack whore—my birth mother.” If that sets your loins aflame and moistened, fear not, sisters. There’s an ointment for that. Your ginny will be okay in […]

Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

20 Jul

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl begin a courtship. Boy and girl get married. Boy and girl both lose their jobs in publishing. Boy and girl leave big city and move to boy’s podunk hometown. Girl disappears; Boy gets blamed for murder. Can’t review without spoilers. You’ve been warned. (more…) Levitate Kaylee Ryan (Author) (90) […]