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Who is the Audience for Eat, Pray, Love?

16 Aug

I was asking my sister what kind of people will watch Eat, Pray, Love this weekend and claim it changed their lives. (Probably the same people who read and saw The Notebook and wouldn’t shut up about it) I told her it was only for privileged, elitist liberals with entitlement issues and I couldn’t possibly […]


17 Sep

My internet at home died. Will try to post Daisy tomorrow, I swear. Sowwiez. (I can’t haz internets?!?!) The Rocker Who Cherishes Me (The Rocker… Series Book 8) Terri Anne Browning (Author), Lorelei Logsdon (Editor), Shauna Kruse Kruse Images and Photography (Photographer) Download: $3.99 by Amazon Auto Links