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Review: Secrets of a Pregnant Princess by Carla Cassidy

People of color in love!!! Brown people in the hizzzzouse! How exciting. Sad to say, but in Romancelandia—even now in the year 2012—you’d think only white people have the right to fall in love. But in this book, we’re getting a buttload of it. Brown people boning like it’s going out of style, woooot! Brown people need love, too! Marriage of convenience, secret baby, bodyguard romance… holla! Turn the lights out, it’s time to get romantic, brown people! Wut.


Review: Their Newborn Gift by Nikki Logan

This was not a fun book to read for me. Have you ever read “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult, which was later made into a movie starring Abigail Breslin and Cameron Diaz? It’s the one where Cameron Diaz has a daughter who is dying and needs new organs, but there isn’t a donor match, so the doctors suggest that Cameron Diaz has another child so they can harvest the organs they need from that child. Whoa, right? Yeah, it’s like “Sophie’s Choice” without the Nazis. How would you like that for a tagline? “It’s like ‘Sophie’s Choice’ without the Nazis!” And yet the story was oddly compelling—never mind the heroine who, at times, seemed to be stubborn for the purpose of being a deliberately obtuse pain in the ass— and I devoured it in one sitting. And the whole “He doesn’t love me” and “She doesn’t love me” shenanigans went on a little too long, but the hero is a nice guy (albeit boring) who isn’t an alpha asshole with a testosterone overload problem for once and I liked the soft, quiet moments between the two leads. It’s a Marriage of Convenience and Miracle Baby story in one!