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Review: The Switch (Film)

23 Jan


I’m a grump, a grouch, the kind of lady who says, “Ugh” at romantic comedies with a thumbs down and over-exaggerated eye-rolling. I should have hated this film because it’s just Jennifer Aniston playing Rachel from Friends again for the umpteenth time and Jason Bateman is playing a variation of Michael Bluth from the brilliant […]

Review: Something New (Film)

13 Jan


Something New is one my favorite “guilty pleasure” film. It’s one of those movies that I have to stop and watch whenever it’s on the Oxygen Network and it’s on at least once a week. Simon Baker is always to-die-for (gurrrrrrl, he is foiiiiiiine) and this is Simon Baker at his best. He’s laid-back, handsome, […]

Who is the Audience for Eat, Pray, Love?

16 Aug


I was asking my sister what kind of people will watch Eat, Pray, Love this weekend and claim it changed their lives. (Probably the same people who read and saw The Notebook and wouldn’t shut up about it) I told her it was only for privileged, elitist liberals with entitlement issues and I couldn’t possibly […]