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Harlequin Presents: The Unforgettable Husband

0910-9781426872556-bigwAmnesia is my favorite Harlequin Presents trope. It’s like a reset button of sorts; it can enable relationships to start over and turn total jerks into fine upstanding citizens and sweethearts. This particular story, however, uses amnesia as a pause button. Neither of the two leads change very much and once the afflicted recovers her memories, the same arguments from before continue, as though a year hadn’t gone by.

Samantha is the only survivor of a very bad car accident, which severely injured her leg. She wakes up in a hospital with severe retrograde amnesia, unable to remember her life before the accident. When she is released from the hospital, she stays in the town where she found herself and finds a job as a receptionist and bartender in an old rundown hotel. She knows nothing about her previous life and as far as she knows, no one has ever looked for her.

Review: Gimme a Kiss by Christopher Pike


That is one scary book cover. I closed my eyes just now and saw it on my eyelids. Great. I’ll probably dream tonight about some bizarre frog-lady with scuba goggles and googly eyes chasing after me, screaming, “Gimme a kiss! Gimme a kiss!”

Christopher Pike was a staple in my early teenage years. He was one of the authors I regularly watched out for along with Caroline B. Cooney, Lois Duncan, R.L. Stine, and V.C. Andrews. There was another girl from the junior high I went to who also loved these books and I would get so mad whenever she got to the library before me on New Release day and checked out the new Christopher Pike. That bitch. I wonder what she’s up to now. Emily Andrews, wherever you are… YOU NEVER RETURNED “REMEMBER ME” BEFORE YOU MOVED TO OHIO AND I NEVER GOT TO READ IT. UGH. I hope the library hell’a fined her for it and now she can’t apply for an FBI clearance because she owes like, thousands of dollars in library fines. I bet while she was cleaning up her room one day before she went off to college, she found that copy of “Remember Me” under her bed, smiled to herself over the fond memories that the sight of it brought, and thought, “Ha-HA. Dionne Galace never got to read this. Fuck that silly bitch.” Screw you, Emily Andrews! I never told you to your face that you always smelled like boiled broccoli and baby powder after gym and everyone always talked about you behind your back! Who’s the silly bitch now?!


Review: Fair Coin by E.C. Myers

Fair CoinIt’s not often these days that you come across a stunning, fast-paced, cleverly-plotted teen novel that’s just about a kid wishing he was someone else in a genre that’s rife with vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches, and literal battle royales where you’re pitted against your fellow teens for a year’s supply of food in post-apocalyptic worlds. This gripping, insomnia-inducing tale by E.C. Myers has a rather simple story: haven’t you ever wished you could change something in your life with just a wish and a flip of the coin? This modern adaptation of W.W. Jacobs’ “Monkey’s Paw” (which scared the crap out of me when I was a kid and made me afraid to wish for anything for fear it would come true… with some scary-ass, dramatically ironic consequences) with a dash of theoretical physics, magic, teen angst, and romance and blended together with a healthy dose of snark was a hell of a good read that made me stay up until three in the morning. When is the sequel coming? There’s got to be a sequel, right? I have no idea what the author would do with our poor, beleaguered protagonist Ephraim Scott since the novel wraps up quite nicely, but I need MOAR from E.C. Myers, damn it. Crank it out!